Benefits of a Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker soupRice cookers are used for their convenience in cooking rice effectively and effortlessly. You simply add rice to dinner bowl, and the necessary cold water depending on the type of rice you want to cook.

Usually, you will find graduated marks on the sides of the rice cooker that will show you exactly the right amount of water you need to cook for that specific type of rice. White rice takes less water while brown rice needs more. You then simply start the rice cooker and come back later. The greatest thing is even if you come an hour later your rice cooker will keep your rice nice and warm for hours.

When looking for your stainless steel rice cooker you ideally want it to have other uses than simply only cooking rice because you can often use it to cook other things such as chili, soup or grains.

Also, many of them come with a basket at the top that gives the rice cooker additional uses as a “rice cooker steamer” since it can help you in other tasks such as steaming veggies, buns or dumplings. If you use it for something else than rice, some rice cookers don’t let you the specify a time like a microwave¬† so after 20 minutes, or whatever the maximum time your rice cooker allows, you might have to restart it if your not doing rice and what you are currently cooking needs more time.

Also on the topic of choosing a suitable stainless steel rice cooker keep in mind that stainless steel is combination of multiple metals, the important ones are chromium and nickel which explains some of the codes used in describing these pieces. For example, if the advertiser says that it’s 18/8 that means it is made of 18% chromium and 8% Nickel. Ideally you want 18/10 for most stainless steel pieces, including of course a stainless steel rice cooker. This information is not always given for rice cookers since its even more important for pans and other cookware pieces but it’s always nice to understand the numbers if they are provided.