Tiger Rice Cooker

Cooking rice always sounds simpler than it is. With the stove top method, getting the perfect bowl of rice is a hit and miss effort and you often end up with overcooked or undercooked rice, or that thick lump of rice, pasty and glued together. If you’ve given up on cooking rice because of this, but still enjoy it, the answer to your dilemma may be a rice cooker and as most appliances go, the more you spend the better quality you get.

tiger rice cooker

Entry level tiger rice cooker on sale on amazon at $100 for a 3 cup rice cooker

Tiger Rice Cookers are a variety of rice cookers manufactured by the Tiger Corporation in Japan with a reputation of second to none. With a wide range to choose from beginning at about $100-$120 for domestic use to over $400 for the commercial type, and ranging in capacity from a 3 cup rice cooker to 20 cups, there is definitely one to suit your needs depending on family size and frequency of use. The 3 cup rice cooker  is also a food steamer combination and gives you the option of cooking a whole meal with one appliance. The top of this cooker locks and seals to preserve flavor and nutrients which are lost in other methods of cooking. Features on the higher end models include microcomputer controls for advanced cooking technology with a wide range of settings.

Two of the mostly widely touted benefits of the Tiger Rice Cookers are perfect light and fluffy rice every time, and its feature of keeping this rice warm and in its perfect state for up to 12 hours without sticking to the cooker. Surround heating ensures even cooking and precise heat control. Most of the tiger rice cookers are also a stainless steel rice cooker which is similar to another popular brand which are the zojirushi rice cooker models. This makes durability another advantage. People who own a Tiger Rice Cooker according to amazon reviews have stated they have had it, and used it for many years and that it was well worth the extra money they paid for it!

Rice compliments almost any meal and having a Tiger Rice Cooker will let you enjoy a perfect rice side dish every day.

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